The Global mobile Suppliers Association (GSA) just reported that the number of commercially available 5G devices has risen by 41% in the last month, with ninety-five 5G devices now commercially available out of over 280 announced phones.
This shows a persistent and substantial growth since March, which recorded 253 announced phones, of which a minimum of sixty-seven were commercially available at that time.

5G device April
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Joe Barrett, President of GSA had this to say, “In what is clearly a very challenging time globally, with social distancing and fundamental changes to the way we work and live, connectivity has never been more critical. Around the world, we are seeing mobile operators take unprecedented steps to support their subscribers and boost capacity, with 5G a vital part of their immediate and future strategies.”
He added, “Based on vendors’ statements, we can expect more than 35 additional announced devices to become commercially available before the end of June 2020. At GSA we’ll be tracking and reporting regularly on these 5G device launch announcements for the industry as we continue to take the temperature of the 5G ecosystem.”
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