When you travel, there are some kind of persons you do not want to meet. These types of passengers will annoy the hell out of you. See 5 worst people to meet in airports:
1. The rushers: Those ones that are ready to get violent and act like everything is a race and competition. They even try to block your way.
2. The inconsiderate outlet users: Even if there is one outlet for all travelers, this type of person will want to use both plugs alone for his or her laptop and smartphone. These ones are very selfish.
3. The unsupervised kid: Yes, that child that acts like his or her parents abandoned him or her at the airport to cope with what the world has to offer, alone.
4. The loud call receiver: I am referring to the ones that will make sure their conversation with that caller is public knowledge since they always prefer to raise their voice.
5. The gamer with no earphone: Okay, we get it. You just downloaded a dope game and you are feeling it. But can you get yourself a good earphone?

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