Corn is known across the globe for its special type of sweetness. Knowing that it is also beneficial to your health will make you love it the more. See 5 wonderful health benefits of Corn:
1. It improves vision: Research has proven that corn is home to beta-carotene which produces vitamin A.
2. It prevents diabetes and hypertension: Corn possesses phenolic phytochemicals that WILL make hypertension stay far away.
3. It helps in combating cancer: Corn has lots of antioxidants and they help to fight cancer. It contains phenolic compound, ferulic acid which battle tumors in the breast and liver.
4. It makes your heart healthy: Researchers will tell you corn oil is the best way to improve heart health.
5. It contains vital minerals: Corn has lots of minerals that will help your body. Phosphorus, magnesium are some of them.

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