Whatsapp has taken over the world as the number 1 instant messaging app on smartphones. Its usage and popularity were enough to urge social media giant, Facebook, to acquire it for over a billion dollars.

A very simple and easy app to use, but we are confident there might be some features you are yet to discover.

1. Email your chats

There might be instances where you will need to send your conversations with your attached files or emojis to an email for business purposes, or you had a memorable chat with your peeps that begs to be kept in the archives. Android users, tap to Menu, then tap More, and there you find Email Conversation. IOS users tap to the bar above the chat screen, and then you tap Email Chat.

Prevent Auto-Download of files PinPin

You might want to keep some chats safe for business purposes or fun.

2. WhatsApp Home Screen Shortcut (Android Users Only)

Whatsapp users on Android can have their frequent chats pop up on their home screen for quick access. All you have to do is, open the chat, tap Menu at the top right corner, choose More and then select Add Shortcut. The user whose conversation you chose will appear on your home screen with their profile picture as the icon.

WhatsApp Home Screen Shortcut (Android Users Only) Pin

Open the chat, tap Menu at the top right corner, choose More and then select Add Shortcut.

3. Prevent Auto-Download of files

You can easily put a stopcock to prevent your phone’s storage from getting full from the auto-downloaded files from your Whatsapp groups and chats. iOS users can select their Settings tab, choose Chat Settings, and disable Save Incoming Media. On Android, tap the three vertical dots (Menu) on the top right corner, then Settings. Now tap storage, and you’ll see three options: When using cellular data, When connected on Wi-Fi, and When roaming. Tap each one and disable auto-downloads by unchecking all three options – Images, Audio and Video.

Prevent Auto-Download of files PinPin

You can save your phone’s storage from files that are auto-downloaded on your Whatsapp.

4. Backups and Switching

Android smartphones do chat backup automatically every day, whereas, on iOS, it needs to be done manually. Open up WhatsApp on your iPhone > Visit the Chat Settings > Click on Chat Backup, and then click backup Now. Select the iCloud or Google account you’d like to back up your chat history.

Backups and Switching Pin

On iOS, Whatsapp chats need to be done manually.

5. Last Seen Option

Maybe you don’t want to your friends the exact time you were last online, while others see it as an option to improve privacy and security. On iOS, when you go to the Privacy settings of the app, in the Last Seen section, you can choose between Everyone, My Contacts, Nobody, and the new My Contacts Except… On your Android, tap the three vertical dots in the top right corner of the screen to access the Menu. From the Menu, tap Settings, then tap Account. From the Account screen, tap Privacy, then tap Last seen. Next, choose Nobody for your Last Seen setting.

Last Seen Option Pin

Maybe you don’t want to tell your friends when you were last online, but here is an option you can use.

We hope these few tricks can help you use Whatsapp more effectively and make life easier while on the app. Don’t forget to share with your friends also to acquire some of the new features you’ve learned.


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