Have you ever experienced a slow internet speed and wish there was something you could do to make it run faster? There is a way you can make your internet run faster than it’s usual speed if you follow the steps below.

1. Regularly clear your cell phone’s cache

When the smartphone memory cache gets full, all of your phone’s functions slow down — including the Internet connection. To remedy this, you can either delete each application manually or download a special program to remove all of them at once. You should also clear the cache regularly.

2. Switch your browser to text-only mode

If you don’t need to look at pictures and require written information only, switch to text mode in your browser and disable images. This way, Internet pages will load much faster and also save you some internet data.

3. Check your network settings

To do this, simply go to Settings on your phone and find Mobile Network Settings. The actual name of the menu might vary from device to device. You need to make sure that your phone is connected to the right network type and that it is not restricted to 2G or 3G only. Most areas in the world run on GSM/WCDMA/LTE networks, so give these a try first. If those don’t work, try finding out what your region uses. The main thing you need to determine is that the best broadband technology is activated.

4. Change browsers

The choice of web browser you use on your mobile device also affects your internet connection. There are many browsers on the market, and some of them work much faster than others. I use chrome and Firefox but Chrome is my first choice browser on both phone and my laptop.

5. Turn off background data for all unnecessary applications

All those apps you hardly ever use can significantly slow down your Internet connection. It is better to turn off the background data for all those apps you don’t use regularly. They can consume a significant amount of traffic.

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