5 ways to avoid unnecessary fights with your man

ways to avoid unnecessary fights with your man

Those daily fights can be very tiring. It is supposed to be a relationship, not a battle zone. So if you are willing to stay away from these draining and fruitless arguments so you can enjoy your partner, see our list of 5 ways to avoid unnecessary fights with your man:
1. Think about the good: Try to be a good friend and support him during this phase of his life. When you both calm down, have a proper and civil discussion.
2. Take a break: Give him one day or two to give the issue a deep thought. He will have that time to think about what is causing his anger and how to best tackle the matter in a matured manner.
3. Know the causes of the fight: Think deeply about what is responsible for your issues and fix it asap. Is it a bad habit, or a misconception, or trust issues? Once you know the cause and rectify the root of your problems, you and your partner can finally move on.
4. Can you do without him or her?: If you are sure you cannot do without him or her, then you will always know you have to make it work. Will your forgiveness take the intense arguments away? if you value your partner, you have to forgive.
5. Go away when you are in a bad mood: When you know you are angry, avoid all kinds of conversations. If your partner is hell-bent on having the discussion, just tell him or her, “Look, it is best if we don’t talk right now.” You will be doing the right thing because it is really not the time to have such a conversation that will only end as a ranting session.



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