Project management applications enable the project managers and the teams to complete client specifications and also manage the budget, time, as well as scope constraints. However, it might be quite confusing to select the proper application given that there are so many of them available at present. In fact, a plethora of medium, as well as small-scale businesses, are making use of project management software at present.
Below, we have thrown light on the top 5 tools to manage your online projects.

1. Zoho Projects

It happens to be an online project management software which will enable the users to interact with employees as well as clients, plan their projects, monitor time, create reports and charts, manage documents, and so on. The users will function on a central platform where it will be possible to talk about innovative ideas, monitor the progress, interact easily, and also stay up-to-date. This application is cloud-based and also highly accessible where the user information will be safe thanks to strict security systems. The software is likewise scalable and users will have the option of adding innovative features if required.

2. Projecturf

This application is another useful project management tool which will help the users to manage projects, tasks, as well as individuals. After creating a project, it will be possible to add team members to it by means of the web. You’ll come across many innovative features within a project including managing and creating tasks, discussions, and events on the calendar. Apart from this, uploading and also storing documents and designs, evaluating project information using the innovative Dashboard activity history, and so forth deserve special mention too.

3. Table XI

Table XI offers an outstanding project management application that will actually deliver the results. The company has an experience of 15 years of building websites, customizing digital experiences for everybody ranging from the leading brands to the startups, apart from developing mobile applications. Most software companies in chicago trust Table XI when it comes to creating innovative solutions. There is never a room for uncertainty that can result in anxiety. In case one is searching for a company which operates holistically, then Table XI will be at the top of the list. The methods of the company do work, their protocols are outstanding, and they provide a clear playbook which will not disappoint you whatsoever.

4. Office Timeline

This is an innovative PowerPoint add-in which enables the users to make top-quality timelines as well as Gantt charts without any difficulty at all. Working with project management software can become complicated particularly when you need to present information in the form of milestones and timelines. Although spreadsheets might be simpler to use, it does not produce the proper visuals for a top-quality presentation. At present, the Office Timeline has made it simple to create attractive timelines and charts for any project. In fact, it is also possible to edit the timelines and charts afterwards thanks to the easy-to-use user interface.

5. Jira

It is another awesome project management application intended for planning, tracking, and also releasing software. This popular tool has been manufactured by a reputable company and it helps to create stories, track issues, ship updated software, generate reports for improving teams, create workflows, and so forth. Moreover, this application can also be integrated with many other tools which will enable the teams to manage their products and projects from start to finish.
There are several business owners who are still using manual techniques for managing their projects. Amongst these methods, using pen and paper, plus spreadsheets and email, are worth mentioning. However, many of them have realized that it is time to replace these methods with top-quality project management applications. In fact, the popularity of these applications has increased during the last 5 years. Apart from these 5 project management software mentioned above, you will find many more which have not been covered in this article. In case you like to use any one of them for managing your project, look at the online reviews to get a fair idea about that app.

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