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While relationships are freewill in most states, there are some key facts that a lot of Colorado residents may not be aware of. The following are some of the top facts about relationships in Colorado that you should be aware of;

1. The age of consent is 17 years old

In Colorado, the age of consent as stated by the law is 17 years old. According to the law, the age of consent is the age at which a person is considered able to consent to any sexual activity. If a person gets involved in any sexual activity with an individual under the age of 17, they can be prosecuted for statutory rape. So, if an individual aged 17 and over is in a relationship with a younger individual under the age of 17, he/she should not engage in any sexual relationship with that person until they attain the required age of consent, else, it is against the Colorado laws.

2. Colorado laws recognize same-sex relationships

Same sex relationships have been an issue in many countries and while it is recognized in many countries and states, there are still some countries where it is illegal. In Colorado, same-sex relationships have been legalized and in the year 2014, the law legalized same-sex relationships. This means that any individual aged 17 years old and above can get in a same-sex relationship in Colorado State.

3. Domestic violence is a serious issue in Colorado

As defined by the law, domestic violence is referred to as any threat of violence or violent act done to anyone that an individual has had an intimate relationship with. In Colorado, domestic violence is taken seriously and one can be prosecuted and convicted for it if he/she commits a crime to anyone they were involved in an intimate relationship with, with an intent of coercing, punishing, intimidating, controlling, or revenging them. So, in case of any domestic violence incidence, be sure to find yourself a lawyer from the Anaya McKedy law firm in Colorado Springs.

4. The state recognizes common law marriages

There have been many myths about common law marriages and a lot of people don’t really know what it entails. While a lot of people think that common law marriage occurs when two people live together, the law considers common law marriage more than just living together. For people to be married by common law, they must have both agreed to be a couple, they must hold themselves as couples to the public and they must cohabitate. These are some of the requirements of common law marriage which is also recognized in Colorado.

5. Relationship experts in Colorado

While going on a rough patch with your partner, you can always seek help if you are finding it difficult to make things right. There are different relationship coaches and experts in Colorado who can offer exceptional tips and advice on relationships. So, you and your partner can always find an expert for professional relationship advice.

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