5 Tech Skills You Can’t Live Without In College

Tech Skills

College can be difficult for anyone who never lived outside their home city. You might not be aware of it now, but moving out of your house and into a dorm or a shared flat will change your life forever.

You will have to do many things by yourself for the first time, and some of them will involve using tech skills to fix something in your room. While many students go to college and learn these things on the go, you can also start thinking in advance and prepare for what’s coming. What are some essential skills that you need in order to cover your technological needs in college and still manage to get everything done yourself?

1. Computer basics

Knowing how to use your computer as much as possible is the most important part of college life. You will have to write different essays, prepare presentations and even use online platforms to learn college lessons. What will you do if your software doesn’t work or if your computer won’t turn on at all? Knowing how to deal with these issues is a big part of growing up as a college student, and it represents one of the most important tech skills for college.

2. Social media

Connecting with your family, friends and college colleagues is something that no student can avoid. Using social media such as Facebook or Instagram in order to socialize, find useful information, orient yourself around the city or simply update your friends on what you are doing is a must. You might not be familiar with social media before going to college but it will soon change once you move out of your house and into a different environment.

Tech Skills

3. Security awareness

Knowing how to protect yourself online and knowing the difference between useful files and viruses in one of the most important tech skills in demand in college. Students are often oblivious to the fact that anyone can access their computer and files if they don’t pay attention to what links they visit. Legitimate student websites will never impose malware or harmful software in front of you. Learn how to spot the difference and always use adequate antivirus software on your computer.

4. Internet research

Writing essays will take more than visiting your college library. You will often have to conduct research online, gather notes, quotes, data and other materials from the internet. Knowing where to search and what materials to use is a very important skill to have. You also need to pay attention to the legitimacy of your materials, since many students fall into the trap of using forums or blogs as their main source of data. Learn how to search the internet for relevant data that can help you write better papers and have better grades as the result.

5. Self-teaching

One of the most popular tech skills in demand in college is the ability to teach yourself anything on the internet. For example, you might need writing skills or design skills for your project but no one in class knows how to do it. Searching the web for adequate courses, how-to guides and examples of how to do it will give you an edge over your colleagues and make you stand out. While it may take some time to get used to the idea of teaching yourself something even though you are at college, you will soon find out that learning at your own pace has its own benefits. Finding materials to learn from by yourself is nothing extraordinary once you discover several useful platforms for learning online.


Many college students move to campus without even the basic technological skills needed to study effectively. Use the opportunity to prepare yourself adequately and start your semester successfully by learning some new skills. Don’t be afraid of failing once in a while, because this is the only way to actually learn new skills. Do your best to embrace new ideas and options and you will be very successful in your studies and revered by your professors.

Learning these skills ahead of the curve will also make you a much more viable candidate for any internships or job positions that come along. After all, you invested time and effort into learning skills that some of your colleagues took for granted.

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