5 social media hacks for small businesses
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Social media is constantly evolving, with Instagram being the latest platform to make waves through a number of different industries. With more than 25 million businesses using the platform to help promote their brand and boost engagement, it’s time to start considering how you can utilise its funky features and grid-like template for your business. Whilst a London SEO agency can help you with your strategy, we’re sharing some of our top social media hacks to help lift each of your platforms off of the ground in time for the New Year.

Download Online Templates

Whether you have just started using social media for your business or are looking for a new way to get ahead of the game in 2020, you’ll be pleased to know that there are a number of templates available to download online at little or no cost. From content calendar templates to schedules you can edit, the resources available are quite literally limitless!

Keep A Schedule

Regardless of whether you decide to make use of the hundreds of templates available to download online, when it comes to social media for business, it’s important to keep a schedule. This will help to ensure that all your social channels remain active, helping you to reach more people, generate higher engagement and gain more followers.

Offer Something Exclusive

Everybody loves receiving something exclusive, whether it’s a unique discount code to get money off an order or something for free. In some instances, you may even decide to offer your social media followers something completely different to those who have signed up to your email marketing or visit your website in order to keep your audience engaged on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

Share Your Expertise

Whilst how you share your expertise on social media can differ depending on your business, it’s still possible to share snippets of insight from time to time. Much like offering your social media audience something exclusive, sharing your expertise online will help customers gain a sense of who you are and why they may want to support you. In turn, you will position your brand as an industry leader which will encourage people to look deeper into your brand and offering.

Utilise Instagram Stories

Whether your business is B2C or B2B facing, there are a number of ways that you can utilise Instagram Stories to provide insight into your business from behind the scenes and share information real-time. With more than 800 million monthly users, Instagram as a platform provides the opportunity to reach a range of target audiences and is a quick and easy way to rack up appeal among your existing audience. Whether you decide to host a competition, shares images, videos or boomerangs from inside the office or share an inspirational quote from time to time to boost engagement, there are a number of ways you can utilise this feature!

As social media continues to grow in popularity and with the New Year just around the corner, it’s important to start considering how your business can start utilising different social media platforms. What is your best social media hack?


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