Men came come up with all kinds of stories nowadays about marriage when they only want to use and dump you. As a woman, it is up to you to read between the lines and see the clear signs. Let’s help you with 5 signs your guy really wants to marry you:
1. He says it: If your man wants to know how you want your dream wedding to be, the wedding colors you prefer, the ring size you fancy, other wedding-related questions, he is surely making plans for it.
2. He plans with you in mind: A wedding is like a project to guys. When he makes his plans with you in mind, he is truly concerned about how the little details will affect your life.
3. Your happiness is his happiness: If he likes what you like, if he is happy when you are happy, he is the one.
4. He helps you to be better: When he loves your progress in life, he plans to settle down with you.
5. He trusts you with his life: When he tells you everything about himself, shares his inner thoughts, secrets, and fears, you are his everything.

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