why you should break up with her
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Some ladies just love to take from you and do not really care about giving back. If you are in a relationship with such a woman, the time will come when you will need to end things with her no matter how hard that will be. See 5 signs that will tell you it is time to let her go:

1. If she does not spoil you: The truth is men should also be spoilt, not just women. Little pampering here and there, unexpected lunch dates, visits to luxury places and other kinds of comforts go a long way. If she falls short, she does not really care about you.
2. If she does not support you: She has to be your main cheerleader. If your woman does not support you in any way and is not interested in most of the things you do, let her go.
3. If she does not give you peace of mind: While this should be vice versa, but some women fail to do their part. You do not want a woman who makes you restless and fails to make you happy.
4. If she does not respect you: Respect is key in all aspects of life, she has to respect her man since you respect her too.
5. If she does not care about your sexual satisfaction: Sex is key. So if she acts uninterested and just wants you to be done already, it is time to end things.


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