It could be a straightforward compliment to start your day or something deeper, these reassuring words are the type of stuff your guy needs to hear every morning because saying it to them will tighten your relationship. See 5 romantic words your husband needs to hear from you every morning:
1. Tell him you’re lucky to have him: If you feel you are very lucky to be loved, let him know. Tell him exactly how you feel.
2. Appreciate him: Letting him know that you appreciate everything he does for you will make him continue.
3. Tell him he’s a good dad: This will increase his work and sacrifice for the family.
4. Say sorry when you’re wrong: Ignore your ego and this will let him know that you are more concerned about making things right.
5. I’m proud of you: This is a kind of reassurance and validation that will make him know you are completely happy with him.

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