A decent virtual private network (VPN) works like a bodyguard for your bank account. As you use public Wi-Fi, your VPN protects you from password thieves and keeps you safe.
A VPN should be trusted with your most important information but finding one like that is very complicated, but we can help. See 5 reasons why you must never trust a free VPN:
1. Free VPNs are just far from safe: This is because, for the maintenance of the hardware and expertise required for your security, VPN services will pay a lot.
2. You can catch malware: Most free Android VPNs contain malware and malware is your enemy.
3. The ad-problem: Free VPN will frustrate you with its annoying ads.
4. Buffering: They can be very slow.
5. Paid options are getting better: The VPNs you pay for are getting better while the free ones are getting worse.

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