reasons why you cannot get a girl
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I know. It must hurt to see girls rushing other guys when you cannot even attract the attention of one. Well, it could be your fault, see why in our list of 5 reasons why you can’t get a girl:

1. You are unemployed: If you are jobless, then you are broke. Girls rarely show interest in broke guys.
2. You lack respect for women: If you have the wrong manner of approach when it comes to women, they will run away from you. Women love men that treat them right.
3. You have no social skills: Discussing, communicating, meeting people for the first time and leaving great impressions, that is how you get a girl.
4. Your grooming is lacking: Body odour, mouth odour, poor appearance, women stay away from all that.
5. You lack confidence: If you are confident and self-assured, ladies will find you extremely sexy.

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