Men who cheat on their wives would always tell who they are cheating with that they are willing to leave their partner for them, but it is not always the case. See 5 reasons why married men cannot leave their wives for their side chicks:
1. Image: Men do not like to ruin their name by getting a divorce. These men are well respected for their status, marriage e.t.c, and they do not want to lose that.
2. Their wives allow them: Do you know some women give their husbands free passes to cheat? Well, this is true. Some wives even prefer to intentionally decide to look the other way when it is obvious their man is seeing another woman.
3. He loves his wife: The truth is, some men cheat on their wives even when they love her. These men just see the side chick as a woman they only want for her body.
4. His children: Married men do not divorce their wives because of the kids. They do not want these innocent children to suffer from their separation.
5. He wants that double life: A cheating man would always prefer to keep enjoying the best of the two worlds.

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