As you prepare to go through the Australian migration process, you will understandably have many questions along the way. This is a major life decision that you have made. Uprooting yourself from everything that is comfortable and familiar to you in exchange for new opportunities is something not to be taken lightly. At the same time, the migration process is not easy, nor is it quick. While you can choose to navigate these waters on your own, it is not advised that you do so. There are simply too many moving pieces that you need to be familiar with and follow in order to be successful. For these reasons, you will want to use Perth AIA migration agents in order to get from the starting line through to a successful permanent move to Australia. However, not all agents are created equal. Consider the following five questions that you should ask any agent you considering before you actually retain their services.

Are Your Services Officially Registered With Australian Government?

You are going to spend some money when you use a migration agent. If you choose one that is registered and official, this will be money well spent. However, going with an unauthorized agent means that you run the risk of being cheated and lied to throughout the process. This can be quite frustrating, not to mention costly. Australia has a system in place for licensing migration agents, so make sure that the individual or firm you are choosing has gone through that process.

What Number of Clients Have You Helped Through the Migration Process?

Experience does matter. While everyone has to get their start somewhere, that does not mean that you need to be the first client that an agent has helped. Find out how many clients the agent has served in the past and how successful they have been at procuring the proper migration visa in the end. It is also appropriate to ask them to show you proof of the visas that they have obtained on their client’s behalf. The migration agent that you select should have nothing to hide. In fact, they should want to show off their accomplishments in order to demonstrate to you that they are worthy of your business.

What Is Your Estimated Processing Time?

Migrating to Australia takes time, but that does not mean you should be waiting unnecessarily for your agent to complete their job. Keep in mind that the time required for your application to run its course will ultimately depend on the type of visa you are trying to get. That being said, the migration agent should be able to give you a reasonable expectation of how long the entire process will take. This will help you to place your relocation and get your family ready if they are going with you. Keep in mind that the timing will also depend on your willingness to get the proper documents required to your agent when requested.
What Are Your Total Fees For the Service Provide?
You have probably been saving for this relocation for quite some time. You want to make sure you budget for the agent fees accordingly. Knowing what everything costs up front will help you to do that. Make sure you get a breakdown of all the fees involved, in addition to a pledge that no hidden fees will be added onto the process along the way.

How Often Will You Contact Me With Updates?

Your agent is working for you. They should be willing to provide you with updates along the way. This keeps you informed of where you are in the process. They should also be willing to answer your call or email when you need to ask a question.
These five questions will help you determine if the migration agent you are thinking about hiring is worth your time and money. Remember that this is a serious process, the success of which will impact the rest of your life. You want the best possible agent working on the case for you from the beginning. By taking your time upfront, conducting your research and asking questions, you will be in a much better position to choose the right professional to assist you.

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