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Kantanka Technological Centre Of Excellence (KTCE) launched a set of prototypes of military stuff at the 38th edition of the Technological exhibition of the Kantanka company. At the launch where a range of new products where exhibited, the KTCE showcased an armoured military vehicle with a laser rangefinder.

They also showcased an Iron Man inspired suits (exoskeleton) for military men, but the latest innovations by the Ghanaian company has left 5 important questions being asked by many Ghanaians on social media which needs to be addressed.

Some of the questions include:

1. Would the soldiers be able to run in these Iron-man suits? They are not Iron man where they can actually fly and all that.

2. Are those suits even bullet-proof?


3. The armoured vehicle even has stairs, which we most people thought were not necessary–Soldiers just jump, they don’t need stairs to climb an armoured vehicle when going to war.

4. Do the suits come light or heavy? I personally watched the video and they could barely walk, how would they win a battle if soldiers are in this.

5. Does Ghana’s military really need those suits?

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For Kantanka’s latest military innovation to be approved and used by our military, we need to look at a lot and most Ghanaians wish Kantanka can focus on one area of manufacturing for now else he would be a jack of all trades but a master of none.

Even though the Iron Man inspired suits by Kantanka looks good, the company might as well as take some inspiration from the costume used by T’Challa in the movie Black Panther for the military which is much simpler, lighter and much more innovative.

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