Education in IT (Information Technology) is one of those things that would remain relevant even as the years pass by and trends get replaced. The world is developing at a fast pace, and the traditional way of doing things are being replaced by digital technologies which are an improvement on the past methods.
Here in Ghana, there are educational institutions whose professional training courses would get you equipped with the skills to keep you abreast with current technologies; as well as introduce you to developing trends for the future. This article is about the best schools in the nation, where you can get your professional IT training and certification.

1. NIIT Ghana (NewEdge Infotech)

Widely regarded as one of the top ICT schools in the nation, NIIT offers an extensive and comprehensive collection of programs with specific training needs to individuals looking for both IT and non-IT skills. Since May 2000 when the first centre was launched, NIIT Ghana has trained over 60,000 students — establishing it as one of the most sought-after schools in Ghana.

2. Certified Ghana

Certified Ghana (Certified Learning Company Ltd.) is a leading training and certification company whose productive and well-planned training is aimed at enhancing the professional growths of trainees.
With the belief that every individual should be fully equipped to be a part of the change ushered in by the internet age, Certified Learning Company commits its wide range of IT training tools and resources to maximise the efficiency and functionality of technology. To this end, it has been providing training to students as well as delegates from the corporate world; in order for them to be efficient at work or improve on their career prospects.

3. AITI – KACE (Advance Information Technology Institute – Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence)

AITI-KACE as an ICT training centre, focuses on personal creativity and dynamism to bring out the potential of every one of their students. This is a result of the institution’s understanding that exposing students to real-life environments would facilitate the individual’s logical creativity as well as collective team objective as the “one-size-fits-all” philosophy does not always apply in every situation.
With its staff made up of a team of dedicated IT professionals from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, you get to tap more from them aside their wide-range of technological skills and expertise.

4. IPMC College of Technology

Established in 1992, IPMC College of Technology offers 59 programs that embrace all aspects of IT and business from the basic level to the advanced level.
Their online courses include practical sessions that offer learners to handy skills making their tailored courses be of high value in the industry.

5. Aptech Computer Education

This institution’s specialty is in computer systems, network security and engineering, as well as information technology. Their courses are practical-based, which means that students are tasked with projects aimed at assessing their progress. Aptech Computer Education has so far trained over 8 million individuals, worldwide. With their years of experience, as well as well trained facilitators, you’re guaranteed to receive practical IT skills.
So here’s our list of 5 best schools for professional IT training and certification in Ghana. There are other schools of course. But these made the list based on factors including their pedigree in the IT education community.
Do you know of any institution that you believe deserves to be in the list; which we might have missed? If ‘yes’, don’t hesitate to shoot us a reply in the comments section.

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