5 most popular apps used by school children in India 

popular apps used by school children in India 

In the age of digitalisation that we live in, mobile apps govern almost every aspect of our being. Whether you want to study or learn something, find a job, meditate or even keep mosquitoes away, mobile apps have the solution to everything. Digital learning has made its way into the lives of students of every age group as it is gaining more and more acceptance in educational institutions as well. Here are the top 5 Apps that students in India make use of:

1. Photo Math

Photo Math has a fun-to-use interface which helps children to overcome the fear associated with Mathematics and helps generate interest in the subject. The app uses the phone’s camera and the OCR technology in order to analyse the equations written by the user. Photo Math also displays mathematical problems and equations in a step-by-step approach which helps students in understanding the concepts with clarity. The free version of the app only lets you use the fundamental features.

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is an advanced language learning application that teaches you different languages via exciting games. The further you proceed the level of the games, the tougher it gets, but users can be rest assured about learning and mastering the language that they wish to learn.

3. Solo Learn

Solo Learn helps students learn a basic level computer language to Java, C++, HTML and even advanced computer languages like Python. Students who wish to make a career in computer sciences can use this app to learn these languages. Solo Learn has an automated administrator that can keep the record of their study progresses, past scores, chapters that students need to focus on more. While preparing for competitive examinations like JEE, GATE or BITSAT, learning applications and tools can help you overcome exam challenges significantly.

4. ExamCountDown

The Exam Countdown app helps students to manage their study and exam schedule, prepare notes and send them reminders to stay on top of things. Whether you are a JEE aspirant or are preparing for your school examinations, this app is a must-have.


Byju’s offers Mathematics and Science learning for Class 4-12 students from some of the top educators. With advanced technology, Byju’s way of learning is visual, making the understanding of concepts very easily.

There are 1000+ apps that students in India use to help them help simplify and bring order to their life. Children in the 21st century are extremely comfortable with using technology and hence prefer apps to learn daily living skills, master the art of learning, playing games and doing much more.

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