5 money-saving tips if you are traveling for a wedding

How to save money when travelling as a wedding guest
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Traveling for a wedding as a guest means you will be spending some major money. But there are ways to make sure you do not hurt your pocket. See 5 money-saving tips if you are traveling for a wedding:

1. Pack everything you need: Doing this will save you cash. You will not have to spend on things you already have at home.
2. Explore your transport options before deciding: Early bird prices on flights and bus tickets will help you save money.
3. Save on accommodation: Sharing your hotel accommodation with family and friends is a good way to save money.
4. Use free apps to communicate: Do not roam your phone if you have to travel outside the country for the wedding.
5. Attend only the wedding: There will be a bridal shower or party, cocktail e.t.c, avoid all of that and focus on the wedding.


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