What’s coming in 2020? We’ve already seen an influx of technologies that have made their way onto the construction platform and industry. So, what else can we expect to see in the coming year?

Management Software (increase)

Technological software has made its way onto the scene with many construction companies. However, in 2020, we expect this to increase.
And, we hope to see far more new technologies make their way onto the scene. These technologies are capable of

  • Tracking real-time changes on work sites
  • Managing the safety of employees
  • Ordering supplies/inventory when it’s low
  • Getting supplies delivered immediately
  • Dropshipping and logistics planning
  • Communicating abroad or internationally

The software has given construction site managers access to realtime information as it is unfolding. This allows them to stop something as it is taking place, make changes, and alert their crew and other managers instantaneously. This eliminates waste, reduces error, and helps maximize efficiency on any construction site. 

Green Technologies

Environmentally friendly technologies are likely to pop up in 2020, as well. Maintenance, demolition, planning, and project completion elements will come into the workplace to help crews manage and create Eco-friendly projects for clients. Some technologies in place have helped create

  • Bricks made of recycled cigarette butts
  • Thermal driven AC units
  • Carbon scrubbing building facades

And, these are only a few of the trends we’ve seen.
With the best safety equipment on-site, like traffic cones, barricades, and safety equipment, along with the right technologies, construction crews will not only maximize efficiency but also ensure the safest area for all on-site. So, these are a few of the trends we expect to see as the 2020 year is fast approaching. 

Prefabrication/Modular Trends

The utilization of 3D printers is likely going to increase in 2020 and beyond. By being able to print large objects, and actually use them as prefabricated pieces in a construction project, this frees up the time of construction crew members to work on other areas of a project.
Office buildings, hotels, and other large buildings can incorporate the use of prefabricated structures, which will become an integral part of the finished outcome/construction piece when it’s done.
Especially in industries where buildings look the same, or there are multiple properties, we’re likely to see a jump in the use of prefabrication and modular buildings, which will make it easier to automate and also to ensure uniformity in different locations for the same business/company. 

Safety Equipment

We already have safety goggles and helmets. But, clothing is also in the works, as are safety boots with GPS trackers, built-in wi-fi, and other technological trends. This equipment is not only made to help keep workers safe on the site but also it is easier to track their actions and what they are doing.
Managers can use the realtime information, GPS tracking, and other technologies, to help them figure out the best way to use their crew, and how to go about working on different projects that they are taking on. All this while reducing the workplace injuries that have taken place in the past. 


We’ve seen virtual reality and augmented reality training in some workplaces. However, 2020 is likely to see a significant jump in this trend. The reason being is that it allows employees to gain training, experience, and to do so in a manner where they aren’t going to make a significant mistake on site.
So, they can learn how to approach different situations and how to tackle various problems, based upon the position they are placed in while doing the VR training. They have more views of the problem and can determine different methods in which to correct those problems.
This is a great training resource, and a great tool to help crews better learn how to standardize some of the most common issues which do turn up in the workplace for their construction teams in the future.
There are many trends that have already made their way onto the construction field. However, we are likely going to see increases. And, these are some of the areas in which we expect to see some of the most significant jumps for construction companies to embrace technology within their team setting and on-site projects.

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