The use of iPhones has been on an incredible rise among the youth around the world, but few do most people know what their Apple phones can do.

You can literally make life way easier for you and perhaps others with such iPhone hacks. We are here to share just five (5) of them.

Simple iPhone tricks you should know

1. Shake

Just shake your phone to undo it. While the Mac has Command-Z, the iPhone has its unique way of fixing typing mistakes: Shake to Undo. Shaking your device to go back or undo a mistake has been around since 2009.

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Just shake your phone to undo it.

2. Airplane Mode Charging

Switching your phone status to aeroplane mode allows the battery to give off less energy. This way, you can charge your iPhone twice faster with the Airplane mode.

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3. Timer helps you turn off music automatically

This is the best option if you like to listen to music before falling asleep. . Just set the timer to how long the music will play until it shuts down automatically without having to wake up and stop.

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The iPhone has a sleep timer built into its Clock app. To use the sleep timer, set a time in the Clock app’s timer, and set the When Timer Ends option to Stop Playing

4. Multiple Photo Bursts

You can take a burst of multiple pictures all at once simply by holding the capture button for a while. A quick succession series of fast shots can help you capture a moving object efficiently as you can also scan through all the bursts and select the best-looking one.

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You can take a burst of multiple pictures all at once with your iPhone.

5. Passcodes with Letters

You can now create passcodes with letters instead of numbers. It is not mandatory to create a number combination to unlock your phone; you can use alphabets too. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn off “Simple Passcode”. With this, you will be prompted to change your passcode where a keyboard with letters would appear. This keyboard appears every time you want to unlock your phone.

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You can change the passcode on your iPhone to an alphanumeric code that’s six digits or longer.

We hope your find these iPhone tricks useful. Try them, and let’s know in the comment section.


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