5 important things you should never say to your mother-in-law

things you should never say to mother-in-laws
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Most mothers-in-law can be difficult at times, but as a wife, there are certain things that you should never say to them. Things like:

1. “I Don’t want to ever see you in my house again.”

They hate to hear it. They always like to see their sons whenever they want to. They see it as their right to know everything about their son’s life without any prohibitions.

2. “You are nothing but a bad mother.”

All mums do not like to be tagged bad mothers, including you. These mothers-in-law might be very troublesome at times, but does that really make them bad moms? You don’t want to use words carelessly.

3. “Stay away from my husband.”

Stay away from her son? No, don’t say that. If anything, let your husband be the one to tell her to stay away from him if he is really tired of her presence.

4. “You didn’t raise your son any better.”

All moms do not like it when their mother skills are being doubted by anybody, especially a daughter-in-law. If her son is not complaining, it is not right for you to say that.

5. “You’re a witch.”

Wrong move. African mothers detest these words, especially when it is directed at them. Can you prove it? most likely, No. So stay away from saying such.

Instead, pray about it if you are really convinced.

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