The eastern part of Nigeria is blessed with some delicious delicacies that will leave you begging for more as soon as you taste them. Let’s expatiate with our list of 5 Igbo soups you should know about:
1. Ofe Oha: This one is made from cocoyam (ede) and the leaves of the oha tree. When prepared well, it is like heaven on earth.
2. Ofe Nsala: Ofe Nsala soup or White Soup is amazingly delicious. Its recipe will require a fresh whole Cat Fish, which gives the soup that special taste.
3. Ofe Akwu: This is a well-known soup called Banga. It is a palm nut stew that is cooked with Banga spices which gives the end product a special flavor.
4. Ofe Okazi: This soup is prepared with Okazi leaves, which is a brilliant source of protein. It is really tasty.
5. Ofe Owerri: This is a delicious traditional soup that is prepared with all kinds of assorted meat.

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