Here are 5 helpful tricks to enjoy your Google Chrome browser

5 helpful tricks to enjoy your Google Chrome browser

Google Chrome is one of, if not the best web browser around, with all its essentials tricks. It is a very popular browser, with more than half of the desktop market share. According to figures from, Google Chrome, in November 2018, had about 72% share of the desktop market. Mozilla Firefox followed with 9.1%, with Microsoft’s new browser, Edge coming in with 4%.

Chrome’s fame comes from when it first launched. It opened pages faster than its rivals, thus, a lot of machines got Chrome installed on them. Its security is quite decent as well.

In all these, people still do complain about the browser. This piece is going to give you some useful tricks that will make you enjoy the Google Chrome browser well.

Essential Google Chrome tricks

1. Keep it updated

A bit of advice for every software, you must keep your Chrome browser updated constantly. To check if there is an update pending, click the vertical ellipsis () at the top right corner of the browser window.

checking for updates; Here are 5 helpful tricks to enjoy your Google Chrome browser

If you never turn your machine off, there is the possibility that your browser has not done a restart for some time. Google Chrome only updates itself after it restarts, so regularly closing and re-launching could help. Keep doing this and you’ll get security patches as well as performance updates.

2. Try some extensions

Google Chrome has its own extension store, the Chrome Web Store. This store houses a lot of extensions that can help you do things quite quickly and make you enjoy your Chrome experience. Some of the extensions include Merge All Windows, AdBlock Plus, etc.

The Chrome Web Store also has useful extensions to Google Drive, Mail, and Calendar.  There are also extensions for Amazon, Grammarly, Evernote and Pinterest. Just browse through, you’ll find some good extensions.

3. Clear off unwanted programs

Unwanted pop-ups or notifications can be very annoying, everyone knows that. But they could be a sign that something malicious has found its way into the browser.

If you think the problem is affecting the browser only, then you’d need Chrome settings to work it out.

  1. Go to address bar and type in chrome://settings, and hit Enter.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, you’ll see Advanced with a down-pointing arrow.
  3. Click Advanced.
  4. Scroll again to the bottom, you’ll see Reset and clean up.
  5. Click Clean Up Computer, then hit the blue coloured Find.

clear unwanted programs; Here are 5 helpful tricks to enjoy your Google Chrome browser

4. Smoother scrolling

Google Chrome comes with a lot of advanced but experimental options. Because they are experimental, they’re not on the generic Settings page.

In the address bar, key in chrome://flags and hit Enter. Now you have experimental Chrome settings options at your disposal. Use the search bar to search for “Smooth Scrolling”, and “Fast tab/window close”. Enable these options, then hit Relaunch Now at the bottom.

Now you should experience a smoother scrolling, plus a responsive web browsing.

5. Remove unwanted extensions

Adding extensions can be very useful in Chrome, these same extensions can cause problems. They can slow down your Google Chrome browser, especially if one of them starts to misbehave.

Go the extensions page to see what extensions you have and remove the unwanted ones. Type chrome://extensions in the address bar and hit Enter. A page of all your extensions will appear. Just remove the unwanted ones by using the Remove button, or use the slide switch to put it on stand-by.

I’m pretty sure that these few tricks will make you enjoy your Google Chrome web browser the more.


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