5 health benefits of Marijuana
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Marijuana is now being touted as a great source of medicine that can improve or even double the effectiveness of treatment done to address various health concerns. However, this was not always the case. For a very long time, research on marijuana’s therapeutic value and use were almost non-existent.

This is due to the fact that for so many years marijuana has been greatly maligned as an illicit drug.  It was only in recent years when new information has started to come to light about the amazing health benefits of marijuana. This is in parallel with the growing call for legalization of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use. As people have started becoming more aware of the safety and health benefits of marijuana, more and more researchers have turned their interest on marijuana and began studying it.

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marijuana Research
marijuana Research

In more recent years, studies have been conducted by various research and academic institutions have cited various health benefits of marijuana. Many of these benefits were in line with providing additional support in the management of many health concerns. Below are just 5 health benefits of marijuana

1. Marijuana helps with resolving alcoholism and drug addiction

Last year, the journal Clinical Psychology Review published a study conducted that suggests the positive effects of marijuana for fighting addiction or dependencies to alcohol and opioid drugs. It was shown that marijuana use can help a person to slowly stop from taking alcohol or opioid drugs. Normally, a person who is trying to quit from his addition experiences withdrawal syndromes with symptoms ranging from excessive sweating to chills or even hallucinations. Cannabis, if taken by people who are trying to quit from their drug and alcohol addictions, can minimize the likelihood of withdrawal syndromes.

2. Marijuana is a great for depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and social anxiety

A review done on multiple published scientific papers use of marijuana to treat symptoms of mental illness was published by the Clinical Psychology Review that suggests the therapeutic value of marijuana in the treatment of certain mental health conditions. The study revealed that there are strong evidence in the positive effect of marijuana in helping people suffering from depression and post-traumatic disorder to deal with the symptoms of their conditions. The study also indicated the possible use of marijuana in alleviating symptoms of social anxiety and other symptoms of mental disorders.

3. Marijuana is beneficial in the management of untoward effects of chemotherapy for cancer patients

Oral intake of cannabinoids from marijuana is very effective in decreasing the likelihood of nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy. There are other studies that support the belief that smoking prevents other kinds of side effects from chemotherapy.

4. Marijuana can destroy cancer cells

In vitro studies conducted on cancer cells have found that cannabinoids can actually slow down the growth of cancer cells. I some studies, cannabinoids are shown to actually kill some types of cancer. However, these are just preliminary and in vitro studies. No studies have actually shown that marijuana can cure cancer.

5. Marijuana could help treat epilepsy

Marijuana has long been considered a great help in managing and even preventing seizures in adults and children. In one study, researchers found that CBD solution given to children with epilepsy is effective in decreasing the average number of seizures that patients experience in a month. It was found that children who used to experience 12 seizures per month have decreased the number of seizures they experience to six seizures per month after the introduction of CBD solutions. Another study on Drave syndrome found marijuana is effective in decreasing the chances of seizures to as much as 39 percent.

This information will not be learned if researchers refused to study marijuana. Thanks to the growing acceptance of marijuana and marijuana use, many mainstream researchers are now taking the time to actually study this amazing herb. You as cannabis enthusiasts must help in this advocacy to drum up the interest and improve funding on research for marijuana. At the moment, only 11 states have acknowledged the safety and effectiveness of marijuana and voted for its legalization. Join us in our quest to make marijuana legal in all states of the US.


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