The 2015 graduating class of Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) on Friday, June 5, 2015 had the opportunity to pitch 5 apps for funding.
The apps that were pitched included:

  • Wedlocker – it helps people plan their weddings.
  • Pike –  is a Chrome extension that enables you to add private comments to the contents of links you share with friends.
  • Asoriba – a web application for seamless church administration.
  • flippy – is a mobile application built by a group of students which aims at helping students on the various campuses obtain and share information easily and at no cost.
  • Sumline – is a mobile application and administrative web tool that allows field workers and staff of non-bank financial institutions to record and track cash collected, send sms receipts and generate detailed collection reports
  • RightCall –  allows your customers to call from their browser, real-time!

Some of the apps are not new to Ghanaians, but I encourage all my readers to spread the word about these apps. Lets help promote Ghanaian innvocation.

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