Landmarks come in various types that enables one to give a proper recognition from a distance and most importantly helps to establish their location.

Christmas is here once again and you have to give yourself a special treat by going on a Christmas tour in the United Kingdom ( U.K) and you definitely can’t do that without visiting these amazing landmarks. Do you want to give yourself this special treat ?  or perhaps give your loved ones a lifetime experience then glance through these 7 landmarks for a better recognition.

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1. Roman Baths

Roman Bath

It is one of the most popular Roman sites in Britain and was constructed around natural hot springs in the first century AD.

2. Tower of London

Tower of London

It is officially Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress of the Tower of London which is the historic castle located on the north bank of River Thames in central London.

3. Mount Snowdon

Mount Snowdon

According to Celtic legend, it is the tomb of the giant Rhitta Gawr and it is the highest mountain in Wales.

4. The Guardian

The Guardian

It is commonly known as the bronze bull and has been the much-loved landmark in Birmingham. it is built in front of the new Bullring shopping center.

5. Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

It is one of the most recognizable structures in London and it fairy-tale turrets on the bridge that stretches from the Tower of London to the Shad Thames on the South Bank. It is opened to both cars and pedestrians which you really need to have a look.


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