cyber threats predictions for 2020

As technology keeps advancing so do illegal activities that utilize it. Over the last few years, there have been a number of cyber-attacks on companies and even governments. As we are about to enter 2020, we think it’s better to look at these cyber threats predictions and how we can battle them in case they happen.

Combat cyber threats predictions in 2020

1. Combination of AI and traditional playbooks to predict attacks

As artificial intelligence is used to automate tasks, it can also make automated systems discover attacks or vulnerabilities before any attacks happen.

2. Tighter integration with law enforcement

Law enforcers establishing command centres in different locations and linking with the private sector will put them a step closer to responding to cybercrimes quickly.

3. Merged machine learning

Machine learning is going to rely more on the influx of relevant information emanating from new high tech devices. This will be combined with the traditional forms of threat intelligence in play currently.

4. 5G weaponisation

The power of 5G may be used for the development of functional swarm-based attacks. It could lead to creating local, ad hoc networks for fast information processing and sharing.

5. Advanced evasion techniques

With all these advanced software springing up every day, we cannot cancel out the fact that there are going to be many ways cybercriminals can evade being detected. They will usually do this by manipulating existing installed software to make them think malicious traffic is legitimate.

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