Plumbing problems can be a pain in the neck. A small problem such as leaking water pipes can damage your valuable stuff, especially furniture and other things that are made from wood. Besides that, the resulting wetness on the walls creates a favourable condition for moulds to accumulate. Moreover, they cause water to be wasted which in the end leaves you with a huge utility bill. When either the toilet or the drainage gets blocked, the resulting awful smell can make a home to be inhabitable. Below is a list of common plumbing problems and what you can do to fix them once and for all and also find a trusted plumbing company.

1. Leaking Pipes

Leaks happen more often around the joints of the pipes. They start small and then worsen as time passes by. A leaking pipe is usually indicated by wet patches on the wall. And as the leak persists there will be pools of water forming below the pipe. Leaks happen when the pressure inside the pipe is too high, causing the grooves of the joints to loosen a bit. Sometimes a leakage can be caused by frozen water inside the pipe that eventually causes it to burst open. Mending such pipes is definitely a messy affair. This is because water usually gushes out in huge volumes when the joints are being replaced. And since you may not have the tools that are needed for such repairs, it’s recommended you call Spartan Plumbing Services.

2. Low Water Pressure

A low water pressure means that you will take ages to fill your jars and cooking pots. Even taking a shower can be a daunting task when the water pressure is slow. The pressure of the water usually goes down when the overhead is damaged. The other reason could be because there is a burst pipe that is causing the water to divert in another direction.
If replacing the overhead unit doesn’t fix the problem, you should inspect the pipe that’s connected to the mains to see if you will see a wet surface. Once you locate the burst pipe, you should call a plumber to come and fix it right away. A burst pipe can actually cause all the taps in your neighbourhood to go dry if it’s allowed to persist for long. Besides that, it can cause the water to be contaminated by disease-causing bacteria. You are recommended to use Superior Washer.

3. Running Toilet

Running toilets are disgusting, especially when you have guests in your home. This is because you can’t tell when the toilet is vacant. Moreover, the running water causes you to be slapped with a huge water bill at the end of the month. A flushing toilet tank has a floating tank that causes the valve of the outlet to close when the tank is full. But when the floating ball valve is faulty, water will continue to flow because the valve can’t close. The best remedy for such a problem would be to replace the floating ball valve. If this doesn’t help, you should consider changing the entire toilet tank.

4. Leaking Faucet

A faucet that is constantly leaking can cause you to have sleepless nights due to the noise that is made when the drops of water land on the sink. Besides that, it amounts to wastage of water. The leakage is usually caused by worn out washers that seal the valve. Such a problem can be remedied by replacing the worn out showers. This means that you will need an adjustable spanner for dismantling the faucet.

5. Clogged Kitchen Sink

When the drainage of the kitchen sink, the water from the tap tends to form a stagnant pool. Clogging is usually caused by oily fluids that accumulate inside the pipe and cause it to be narrow and eventually block it. To solve the problem, simply open the tap so there will be water running and then place the suction of the plunger on the base of the sink and push it downwards. The resulting force will disintegrate the oily stuff that’s inside the tap. If this doesn’t work, you should open the chamber beneath the sink and use a wire to scoop out the dirt.
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