5 Cheapest Places To Travel In South Africa In 2019

Temperate and sunny climate, sweeping views of the ocean and numerous vast natural wildlife sanctuaries make this African country a true treasure! South Africa has become a popular destination, thanks to the wonderful combination of scenic landscapes, rich culture and history, diverse wildlife and thrilling adventure treks.

You can follow a herd of wild animals grazing on plains, spread out under the sun on one of its crystal clear beaches, or wander around villages, learning about their history and speak to diverse individuals who call South Africa home!

And as the New Year set in, fly out of your country and have a couple of days to decompress in South Africa. Spoilt for choices, you can find cheap and low-cost travel and accommodations that will surely make your new year great!

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1. Oudtshoorn

Oudtshoorn is the Ostrich Capital and a stop at the Safari Ostrich Show Farm is highly recommended! Only 6km from the town, the farm that has been operating since the year 1956, provides insights into how these wonderful birds are bred. You can watch a unique ostrich race with jockeys dressed colourfully and racing these huge birds up to 70km per hour. You can also ride an ostrich, take photos of eggs and nests as well as feeding them or cuddle their baby chicks.

5 Cheapest Places To Travel In South Africa In 2019

If you are not that interested in Ostriches, you can go and explore the Cango Caves instead. This 20 million-year-old cave system of limestone is considered as one of the world’s Natural Wonders. Boasting the biggest stalagmite formations ever, it has been popular attraction since the 1800s when it was first discovered.

2. Cape Town

With its memorable natural scenery, friendly cosmopolitan atmosphere and enviable quality of life, Cape Town is the perfect urban landscape with stupendous Mountain View and breathtaking harbour.

For one of the greatest panoramic views in all of Africa, you should take the Cableway to Table Mountain. Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden is another popular destination and famed for its jaw-dropping conservatory as well as Zimbabwean stone monuments.

If you want to take a closer look at sea life, then go on a budget-friendly seal snorkeling adveture . Seal snorkelling in Cape Town could be once in a lifetime experience. Everything from trips, snorkelling, seals to best views, you will absolutely enjoy every moment in the city. Once you are there, you will also come to know some of the interesting facts about seals, one of the friendliest creatures in the ocean.

3. Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay

For avid surfers on a tight budget, Jeffrey’s Bay will satisfy both your wallet and surfing cravings. Located just 65 km from Port Elizabeth, Jeffreys Bay is among the top five surfing destinations in the world, all thanks to its perfect and predictable right-hand point breaks in Supertubes.

Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay

Its high-speed wave can reach from 1.2 to 3 meters in height and goes 150 to 300 meters in length. The best waves tend to occur in winter between May and September.

4. Lucia Wetland Park

Extending from Kosi Bay Nature Reserve to Cape St. Lucia, this awesome 332,000-hectare park was designated first World Heritage Site of South Africa. Named iSimangaliso, meaning “miracle and wonder”, St. Lucia Wetland Park is made of 8 various interlinking ecosystems, 3 main lake systems, most of South Africa’s swamp forests and the largest estuarine system in all of Africa. This paradise is home to 526 species of birds as well as coastal dunes which have withstood the elements for over 25,000 years.

An affordable visit here will include hiking scenic routes and trails through mountains, endless beaches, coastal forests and rolling grasslands around Lake St. Lucia. You can go snorkelling and scuba diving in spectacular coral reefs or go on kayak trips, camping, horse riding, and game viewing and see the largest population of hippopotamus in South Africa!

5. Stellenbosch

Going to South Africa does not only mean that you can enjoy the wildlife and sceneries. You also need to taste their pride— wines! And no one should ever go to South Africa without even trying their perfect wines!


For the wine lovers, Stellenbosch is the best and affordable places to head out on a wine exploration, visit classic vineries and wineries and sample out some of South Africa’s finest grape varieties.

And make sure that you stick around for a while and explore the quiet town which offers a fun young vibe and historical buildings.




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