5 best free music production programs in 2019

free music production programs

Making music has never been easy until this era. You wouldn’t need to big music equipment and a studio before you can make music these days since there are loads of free music production programs all around.

With these programs, you can make a hit track right from your bedroom on your personal computer. There’s really no need of starting out as the giants like Dr Dre, Kanye West and the other old producers did. Just cop one of these programs and you’re probably on your way to become the next Metro Boomin, Skrillex, or Marshmello.

However, you should know that a lot of things are really not free these days. A lot of these music production programs come with big price tags. Well, you could say that for the professional ones. If you are barely getting started then you should get any of the best free music production programs in this list. You could later bundle up some cash for more professional ones.

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Best free music production programs for 2019

1. Cakewalk By BrandLab

Cakewalk-by-BandLab free music production program

Formerly called “Cakewalk Sonar”, Cakewalk is a completely free beat making software. There is no paid version so you that you get restricted on some feature to go cop the paid one. Thus, there are no limitations on the number of tracks.

Cakewalk by BrandLab also offers VST3 support. This allows the user to add hundreds of plugins. For first-timers, the user interface may not look welcoming but you can actually customise the whole interface to your liking. This music production software also enables you to save different layouts according to your needs. That is the best part about this best free DAW.

Toolbars can be dragged to different locations. You can change colours, add themes, etc. Also, there are tons of virtual instruments to choose from. In fact, you get almost all the most important and needed tools and features you’d get in a paid music software right on this.

Catwalk is currently available for Windows computers and it is free!

2. GarageBand

GarageBand by Apple

For those using Apple’s Mac computers, you can have GarageBand as the Catwalk for Windows alternative. This software is made by Apple itself and it is undoubtedly one of the best free music making software for beginners.

GarageBand is known for its simplicity and highly intuitive user interface. It is a stripped-down version of Apple’s professional DAW, Logix Pro X. Thus, it may lack a couple of features from professional music-making software.

As it is often counted among the prograded music production software such as Ableton Live and Fl Studio, GarageBand offers a variety of instruments and a massive pre-recorded sound library (Apple loops). It also includes the industry’s top-session virtual drummers that you can add to your own project. There are even guitar and piano lessons for beginners.

GarageBand is only available for free for Mac users and it is perfect for beginners. It also has seamless continuity on iPad and iPhone.


LMMS beats makerThis is an open-source music maker. This means a lot of developers from all over the world are trying to build a tremendous free DAW. It looks very similar to FL studio; however, the UI, at first, might put you off because of the messy layout.

LMMS is a free music making software that is pretty handy. You are not restricted on the number of tracks and it fully supports VST plugins, LADSPA plugins, and more.  It also has about 16 built-in synthesizers that include many emulations of retro-consoles.

LMMS is also lightweight. If you get stuck somewhere, there are a bunch of demo projects for you. There is also an entire library of projects and presets on its project sharing platform.

The one problem with LMMS is the lack of audio recording and audio editing functionality. Thus, you’d have to get another program with that functionality.

It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

4. SoundBridge

Sondbridge free music production program

Now, this is a perfect free music production program for beginners. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Thus, beginners wouldn’t have much trouble mastering it in no time.

SoundBridge is actually one of the best free music tools on the market. Just like other software mentioned above, it has an unlimited number of MIDI and audio tracks, third party plugin support, and pro-grade automation and modulation.

With SoundBridge, you get to use a few plugins that come with the software. But there are no instrument plugins. SouniBridge has all the necessary features that one would want while starting with a free music creation software.

SoundBridge is lightweight, has a user-friendly interface, and guides for users. It is available for both Windows and macOS.

5. Tracktion T7

tracktion t7 free music production program

Tracktion T7 is similar to any professional best digital audio workstation. With this free music production program, you have an unlimited amount of songs and MIDI tracks. It has support for all the third-party plugins such as VST, AU, and Linux VST.

It also offers massive automation and its LFO Modifier allows users to automate any parameter on any plugin. The single-screen interface may be a put-off for some people. Others may also like it as you wouldn’t have to jump from one window to another.

You can download lots of impressive sound effects with this program. Tracktion T7 is lightweight as well. It is available for Linux, Windows, and macOS.