5 Best free cartoon makers for windows and mobile

free cartoon makers

Video animation is a proficient method of explaining an idea that is used within the professional field. The most important feature of a video animation or a cartoon video is that it helps an individual build a connection with his audience.

It allows you to tell a story to your target audience while also ensuring that it does not take a lot of the viewer’s time. Sometimes, just a glimpse of a cartoon video is sufficient to understand what is being communicated.

Following are the top five free cartoon makers that you can use on windows and mobile as well.

  1. Doratoon
  2. Moovly
  3. Biteable
  4. FlipaClip
  5. Picsart Animator


The best part about Doratoon is the availability of thousands of animated characters. Each character is different from the other in terms of its appearance and facial expressions. Most importantly, these characters are specially designed for a specific profession to use for a particular field.

These characters are so interesting to look at. If you select one of these characters, you will also find that each character comes with a series of different actions and expressions such as jumping, thinking, typing, etc.

 free cartoon makers

You can make your cartoon video using the Doratoon website on Windows. It is easier to use and access as it can be used on any browser you like. This free cartoon maker helps you develop a cartoon video that is distinctive and comes with a lot of editing options. For example, you can adjust the level of opacity, blur, brightness, hue, etc.

There are several considerable features of this best cartoon maker that you can hover across while designing one for yourselves.

  • Add Appropriate Subtitles

When addressing an audience of diverse cultures, you should always consider adding subtitles to make your cartoons understandable.

  • AI Dubbing

Doratoon offers its users with the ability to make their video better in quality and efficiency. With its built-in AI Dubbing, it helps them convert written texts into appropriate voice overs.

  • Set Up Animated Characters

Animated characters within a cartoon is an integral requirement. Doratoon provides users with the opportunity to make their videos relatable with the help of animated characters created from 8000 expressions and actions.

  • Add Sound Effects and Music

A perfect cartoon maker should offer diversity and uniqueness in their developed content. Doratoon allows users to set up different sound effects and music within its cartoon making system, making it catchy and attractive.


Moovly is another video maker that helps its users to make astounding videos. It is highly recommended to use this website for business purposes. It can be accessed easily via Windows. It offers the best options to make videos that have more of a professional look. You can make videos of any style on Moovly. It can help you to create a perfect cartoon video, either by using doodles or motion graphics, or any other style you prefer.


 free cartoon makers

Using Moovly, you can also create amazing explainer videos to highlight the products and services that you are offering in a much more interesting manner. You are provided with a sea of templates to work on. It offers several categories to its users that include human resources, marketing, education, and many others.


Either you want to post a cartoon video on social media or add it to your website, Biteable is one of the best websites to be used. You can use it on your Windows PC. All you need to do is visit the website, select one of its designs and edit it as you like. Biteable makes sure to keep up with the trends. Hence, it uploads new designs for its users every week.

 free cartoon makers

Many renowned companies have also used Biteable websites such as BBC, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and many others. If you want to create a more fun-looking video, you can select one of the many cartoon characters available on the website.


FlipaClip is a mobile application available for both Android and iOS. Since we all are well aware that adding the right dialogues to the video can be so hard sometimes. It often occurs that the video and audio are out of sync. In that case, FlipaClip offers you to upload the voice recording of your choice in the video animation.

 free cartoon makers

It is the best application for those people who love to draw themselves. FlipaClip cartoon video creator also offers various drawing tools for all the art lovers out there. These video animation tools include brushes, erasers, fill, lasso, and many others to help you create a perfect video.

Picsart Animator

Picsart Animator application, available for Android and iOS users, provides several features to its users. All you have to do is download the application and start having fun with cartoon making and doodling. It is an easy process if you want to share your video animation on any social media. You can save it and share it anywhere you want.

It also provides an option of making a customized emoji as well. You can do so by using its “EmojiMe Feature.” It does not require any specific set of skills. Anyone can make a cartoon video easily using Picsart Animator.

Ending Words

Cartoon making used to be a tedious job in the past. But with more research and development done in this area, it has become easier than ever, thanks to the efficient services offered by Doratoon.

There is no need to design templates from scratch as there are so many customizable designs available across platforms such as Doratoon, to cater to all your needs. If you are still wondering how to make animated videos, all you have to do is explore these tools and select your favorite one!

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