All smartphones already come with a native music player app but they may not be useful enough for to your satisfaction. For example, a lot of Android phones now come with Google Play Music as the default music player. It simply does the job, but some lacks features like folder view in the library. It can’t also edit tags for files.
Well, what we have here is a short list of 5 of the best free Android music players for you to use in 2019.

5 Best Android Music Players 2019

1. Pi Music player


Pi Music Player is designed with all the necessary features you would want to see in an Android music player app. Brilliantly designed interface makes it very easy to use. You can also select between a couple of themes.
Pi Music Player is able to chop an audio to make a ringtone and also has a Sleep Timer

Special Features of Pi Music Player
  • Support for audiobooks and podcasts
  • 5-band built-in equalizer presets (e.g, Bass Boost, 3D Reverb Effects, Virtualizer, etc)
  • Pi Power Share feature for sharing tracks, albums, genres, and playlists
  • Enhanced folder view for managing audio files

Pi Music player app is available for free in the Play Store, but it displays ads.


2. Musicolet

Musicolet - 5 of the best free Android music players for you to use in 2019
Musicolet Music Player

This is a very smart music player. Musicolet allows you to control the music with earphone. A single click on the earphone button pauses/plays, double click plays the next track. And triple click takes you to the previous song. You can also fast-forward the song with 4 or more repeated clicks.

Musicolet also has an equalizer, lyrics support, tag editor, sleep timer, widgets, etc. It is definitely one of the best Android music players.

Special Features of Musicolet
  • Advanced music control with earphones
  • Tag editor for editing album-arts of multiple songs at once.
  • Multi-queue manager and the option to set more than 20 queues.
  • Support for Android Auto


3. BlackPlayer Music Player

Blackplayer Music player - a short list of 5 of the best free Android music players for you to use in 2019
Blackplayer Music Player

Definitely, BlackPlayer is one of the best Android music players around. BlackPlayer has a customisable user interface. You can completely controlled with simple swipes and gestures.

Also, BlackPlayer is filled with a lot of features. They include Gapless playback, ID3 Tag editor, Sleep Timer, changeable themes and lot more. It also supports the standard local music file format such as MP3, WAV, OGG.

Special Features Of BlackPlayer
  • ID3 Tag editor
  • 5-band equalizer with BassBoost, 3D surround Virtualizer and Amplifier.
  • Supports Android Auto and WearOS
  • View and edit embedded lyrics
  • Support for synchronized .lrc files


4. Pulsar Music Player


Another good player. Pulsar is one of the most used free Android music player apps. It is completely free and light-weight. With yet a beautifully designed interface and animation you can still customise with different colour themes.

You can sort out its library by album, artist, genre or folders.

Special features of Pulsar Music Player
  • Crossfade support
  • Built-in tag editor
  • Android Auto and Chromecast support
  • 5-band equalizer (available in pro version)
  • Speedy search across albums, artists and songs
  • The option of creating smart playlists according to most played, recently played and newly added songs


5. n7player Music Player


n7player Music Player also comes with a lot of innovative features. It has features like gapless playback, bass boost and sound virtualization effects, tag editor, themes, sleep timer, widgets, etc.

Its fancy and stylish user interface allows you to simply zoom-in & out to view any music file. Through graphical improvements on its media library, you can look for any song within the various views.

Features of n7Player Music Player
  • Advanced 10-band equalizer with multiple presets
  • Customization of lock screen widget and app theme
  • Support for Chromecast/AirPlay/DLNA
  • Tag editor, sleep timer, multiple themes


There you have them – 5 of the best free Android music players for 2019. They are not listed in any order so feel free to pick any of them.

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