Launchers are one of the most used Android tools for customisation... Here are 5 best Android Launchers for customising your phone in 2019...
Best Android Launchers 2019

The Android universe is always filled with excitement because of the boundless customisation apps and tools. Launchers are one of the most used Android tools for customisation. Android smartphones really aren’t usable with a launcher – that is the phone’s own basic launcher. For example, Pixel phones come with pre-installed Pixel launcher.
There are also tons of third party mobile launchers for customising your Android smartphones on Play Store.

Third-party launchers give you limitless customisation functionalities. That is the basic reason why people use these launchers. To save you time to go on Play Store and search for which launcher is cool for you, we have listed a couple of them here. Just for you.

5 best Android Launchers for 2019

1. Nova Launcher

One launcher that got me stuck on it is Nova Launcher. I didn’t want to use any other. Nova Launcher is pretty fast and efficient. Though, Nova is lightweight, it marvellously performs incredible functions. And that is what ii cherish most about it.

Nova Launcher support for dock customisations, and has notification badges. The launcher has an option to show frequently used apps as a top row in the app drawer. It also supports folder and icon customisations, dozens of gestures, etc.

You can download Nova Launcher is for free on Play Store or get the premium version.


2. Apex

Looking for a marvellously designed launcher. Then I point you to Apex. A graphically impressive launcher app is Apex launcher.  It has an ocean of themes and icon packs ready for download on Google Play Store.

It is one of the fastest launcher apps available on Android. Like Nova, it is also a lightweight launcher for Android. It is optimised for Android smartphones and Tablets. That is a functionality you won’t get in some other launchers.

With Apex launcher you have up to 9 customisable home screen. You can hide apps in your app drawer.

You can also use Apex to sort out apps according to their names, installation dates, or even how casually you open them.

Freely download Apex launcher on Google Play Store.


3. Google Now Launcher

This is an in-house launcher developed by Google itself so you’re sure it will be a good app. Google Now focuses to give non-Pixel smartphone users a spot-on Android experience if they don’t like the default launcher of their phone.

Google Now launcher is really efficient having app suggestions at the top combined with its smooth animated app drawer.

One drawback is you there is not much customisation you can do with Google Now Android launcher. Download Google Now Launcher for free.


4. Microsoft Launcher

This was previously known as the Arrow Launcher. As the name suggests, is from the realms of the Bill Gates’ Microsoft company. Microsoft Launcher is well designed and fast with a lot of customisations.

Every day, it updates new wallpapers from Microsoft’s One home screen is styled with Microsoft Timeline feature resembling “Google Cards.” It has a “Recent” panel which displays the recently used contact or the recently opened media.

Another nice feature is this launcher syncs with your Microsoft account. That means, you can get personalised feeds, see your search results, etc.

Microsoft Launcher is free on Play Store.


5. Evie Launcher

Evie one super cool Android launcher. It is designed especially for performance and is one of the fastest Android launchers. There is Universal Search feature that allows you to search within your apps from one place.

Evie Launcher has loads of home screen shortcuts and customisations. This launcher lets you choose from different search engines. In all, Evie Launcher is one of the best lightweight launcher apps as it promises speed and simplicity. Get Evie Launcher for free.


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