All eyes on you? Why? Because you look STUNNING: Perfect hair, makeup and voila, you’re good to go.
Wondering how you can achieve a perfect look?  These are 5 beauty apps that may be your ticket to achieving a stunning and lovely look.

IMAN Beauty App

Okay ladies, you would argue that finding makeup that matches your skin and undertones can be quite difficult. This has led to ladies wearing makeup shades that make them look so uncool. But not to worry anymore, IMAN Beauty app is the to achieving a glam look. The app matches your skin tone with customised products that would best suit you.
Click here to download IMAN Beauty app.

Cast Beauty App

Do you just hate it when your hair starts to shrivel due to bad weather conditions? The weather can totally ruin a perfectly good hair day and turn it into a terrible hair day. CAST BEAUTY is a beauty app that protects hair from bad weather. It uses weather data to provide personalised hair and skin tips to keep your hair and skin stunning.
To download Cast Beauty App click here

Perfect 365

When buying dress we do try it on to see if it fits, why can’t it be the same for makeup? Now here is a way you can try a makeup style to see if it fits before you actually wear it. PERFECT365, is a beauty app that provides numerous makeup styles and fits it into your picture.
To download Perfect 365 beauty app, kindly click here

Hair color Studio 

Ever wondered how your hair would look in another colour and style. HAIR COLOR STUDIO is an app that allows you to change your hair colour and lets you know which fits you best. Now isn’t that a wonderful way to look glam.
Kindly click here to download the beauty app.

Plum Perfect

Never look dull, when PLUM PERFECT, can help to find the best fashion and beauty brands for your personal look and style.
To download Plum Perfect beauty app kindly click here.
Okay ladies, let’s go rock the world with our stunning and lovely looks now with these  beauty apps.

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