The efforts you put into grooming your beard is also needed to avoid some habits that will ruin your hard work. Having a patchless, full and attractive beard is way more than merely growing it, you have to do more to make sure it looks healthy. See 5 bad beard habits you must avoid:

1. Pulling your beards: This can damage your beard. Pulling it will result in the loss of facial hair, and that will cause the patchiness you do not want.

2. Over-washing your beard: A lot of guys spend excessive time washing their beards and this is unhealthy. Wash it but do not overdo it. It can actually cause dry hair and dandruff.

3. Stroking your beards: This habit is rampant among men, especially when they are bored. It is a bad habit. The more you do it, the higher the chance of causing dandruff.

4. Not combing: Your beard should be combed because it makes sure it is in good shape. A comb is needed to nourish it.

5. Not moisturizing: Your beard needs the right moisture, this is key for the skin under it. Moisturizing is key.


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