Google has taken to introducing latest Android features and exhibits the way forward for Android in coming years at their Google I/O event. However, things were a little different this year. Google focused on the aspects of the Android P that would cater for the digital well-being of its end users instead of the usual concentration on its features.
There have been many concerns about how people have grown to become addicted to their mobile devices. It’s become a worrying trend such that instead of focusing on real life relationships and work, they prefare to bury their heads in their phones. In view of this, Google, designed Android P in such a way that you can balance the digital life and real life, and still get the most out of their Android phones.
What still stands is getting work done and ensuring that you are able to go back to friends and family in due time.

1. Set app restrictions with App Timer

There is the Dashboard app that you may have come across if you have already done some perusal along the lines of Android P. This app gives you the chance to monitor your app usage. In this era when a majority of the population loves to stay glued to phones, it’s a meaningful feature. However, there’s another feature which has gone slightly unnoticed and that is App Timer.

9 Interesting Features Of Android P To Boost Productivity

While dashboard is more of a visual representation of the time you spent on your phone, App timer goes a notch above. It gives you a chance to set an every day time restriction for each application, and once you cross the edge, the application symbol will be grayed out. You’ll have the capacity to get to the application notwithstanding when you have exhausted your time limit (there’s still time for a full-scale AI takeover, you see!).

2. Seamlessly copy texts and share images

There’s a new navigation system that allows you to copy text between two recently used apps. This is as a result of the Smart Text Selection feature. So, if you have to copy and paste text between two apps, you’d no longer have to open the source app first, copy the text and go back to the other app to paste it.

9 Interesting Features Of Android P To Boost Productivity 3
9 Interesting Features Of Android P To Boost Productivity 2

All you need to do is swipe up which will open the full-screen previews of both the apps.
Long-press on the text to copy and paste it on the other. Simple and easy!

9 Interesting Features Of Android P To Boost Productivity 1

What’s more, the standard copy feature has also been overhauled. With it, you’ll also be able to copy relevant texts from screenshots.
The above is a screenshot in Google Photos, yet I’m seamlessly able to capture the text from it!

3. Smart screen rotation

The new switch of the screen rotation is located on the screen. With just a tap, the screen will rotate to your desired direction.
This new switch is available in the navigation area and will lock the screen orientation when you’re watching movies or videos. Just a little tap and the job will be done.


4. Dedicated screenshot button

There’s a special button that’s dedicated to taking screenshots. All you have to do is press the Power key gently and the option for screenshots will be presented to you immediately.

5. Default volume rocker controls 

The volume slider has likewise observed cool new enhancements. In addition to the fact that it is substantially slimmer, it has likewise changed its default behavior. When you press the volume rockers, the telephone will modify the media volume rather than the ringer volume.
Another clever consideration is the flip for vibrate and silence. You should simply press the volume rockers and tap on the menu to switch the modes.
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