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The benefit of using a leasing company is that they take care of all the facets of a lease transaction. They handle things such as:

  • Advertising and marketing of a property
  • Screening prospective lessee’s
  • Preparing the lease documents
  • Signing successful tenants

Top Advantages Of Using A Leasing Company:

1. Saving Time

Renting out a property can take up a lot of your time. You have to show prospective tenants the property, reply to e-mails, return phone calls, advertise and market the property, etc. And some of these people may not be in interested in renting right away but are simply browsing. If you think about all the hours you have to put in to find the right tenants and adding value to it, it makes more sense to enlist the help of a leasing agency to take care of all the nitty-gritty details.

2. A Lot Less Hassle

Not only can a leasing professional save you valuable time, but they can also ensure a much more effortless and stress-free experience for everyone involved. An experienced leasing agency can screen prospective tenants, prepare lease contracts and screen tenants more efficiently as this is their field of speciality. They work with property owners and tenants on a daily basis, asking the right questions, handling negotiations, and finding the right tenants.

3. Less Legal Problems

Leasing agents are familiar with more up-to-date property laws and regulations applicable to landlord-tenant liaisons and are proficient in handling property management Perth. This is an essential consideration s every state and municipality have their own laws that need to be adhered to with regards to:

  • Tenant screening
  • Lease addendums
  • Building codes
  • Rent collection

Leasing agencies can assist you with routing these areas that can be highly beneficial to you. Even if they manage to assist you with avoiding one lawsuit, it can save you a lot of time, frustration, and money.

4. Short-Term Vacancies

They can help you find tenants within the thirty days after the current tenant has given 30-days written notice before moving out. It can be tricky to find tenants in such a short period of time if you’re not as experienced as a leasing agent. When the property stays unoccupied for a lengthier period in time, you’ll lose out on potential revenue. A proficient agency can help you with marketing your property and screening tenants to fill the vacancy as soon as possible. They may already have interested parties lined up without having to look for tenants. Just make sure you’re using agents who are experienced and are familiar with your market.


Not all leasing agencies may be equally experienced or the right fit. Before hiring an agent to assist you with renting your property, make sure you ask questions to see which one matches your needs the most proficiently. Do research to check how many properties they are working with and what their screening process entails. They must be at ease with your particular market.


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