4 Tips on creating a better online presence for your brand in 2019

4 Tips on creating a better online presence for your brand in 2019, online presence, marketing

Running a business is anything but easy. Let’s face it, even when you have enough ideas to keep you ahead of the curve, it can get overwhelming sometimes. From creating a solid business plan, to picking the services you’ll excel at, and having enough cash injection to ensure your business is standing on its feet — there’s more to it than fantastic ideas people may have. However, all this may mean nothing if your brand does not connect with its target demographic, the people who matter — in a powerful way.
While most businesses do well to create an outstanding brand, they do not invest the same energy in one vital element of the brand — accurately representing the business’ values and what it stands for.
What this article seeks to do is to suggest a few practices that can give your business a facelift this year. Read on, let’s catch ideas together.

Have a human connection

Think about the number of times you went online to search for a business’ social media accounts — simply because of something remarkable they did which caught your attention. Consumers relate to a business through it’s people rather than the products. In order for you to earn brand trust from your target market, building authentic relationships will help you retain old customers while attracting potential ones.
How do you do that? By humanizing your brand using digital platforms and through that, defining a tone of voice and personality for your brand. Learn to engage your audience when they reach out to you. And don’t adopt sneaky behaviors. Asking clients to “DM for price” generally comes off as suspicious.

Don’t ignore mobile content

If we’re talking about an online presence then, we can’t disregard optimizing content for mobile. People are increasingly using mobile devices to view content online. Last year, 2018, mobile phones were responsible for 52.2 % of all website traffic – from 50.3% registered in 2017. This makes it a necessity that you pay attention to creating content which is mobile friendly to improve the online experience of people engaging with your content.. was reportedly generated via mobile phones in 2018, which is an increase from 50.3% in 2017.


Build credibility by providing value

With the abundance of content online, it can be difficult for consumers to settle on whose business to follow. There are many industry players vying for people’s attention, and in order to ensure that the audience choose your business, be sure to position yourself, through great content marketing, as a credible leader people can give their trust to. Your website represents the formal end of your online presence, so let your blog posts be high quality, informative, and well-written. You can optimize your social media handles to reach out to people using some humor like the Twitter pages of Wendy’s, and AS Roma football club.
Focus on quality, not quantity.

Invest in a top-notch marketing campaign

Everything you’ve read till now would not mean much if you don’t create a marketing strategy that powerfully aligns all departments of your business. From how you handle PR (public relations), to running your social media marketing; you should be able to promote the same unified message on all your platforms.
This is it for the article. As technology evolves, newer ways of doing the old things will become necessary. The important thing is to stay knowing what to do in the sea of possibilities. That is how you stay afloat and winning.



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