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Do you really love yourself? It’s a pretty simple question, but not many people can give a direct answer. That’s because most people tend to confuse material well-being with self-love. But if being able to buy a new $100k sports car is a sign of self-love, why are some rich people depressed? Stress and depression tend to cut across socio-economic groupings, which means that self-love and peace of mind are not dependent upon material wellbeing.  The key to peace and happiness lies in loving YOU – the person – and doing things that bring you peace. To help you embark on a journey to peace and contentment, here are 4 tips to loving yourself more.

1. Sleep more

One of the best ways to love yourself more is to get enough sleep. While working for 20-hours a day may get you ahead materially, it puts a huge strain on your body.  You end up stressed, chronically fatigued, and unhappy. This is nothing close to self-love. To love yourself and stay happy, ensure that you get at least 7-hours of sleep every day. By sleeping more, you wake up fresh, rejuvenated and happy. It’s the perfect way to love yourself more.

2. Eat healthy foods

Most people either due to time constraints or monetary problems don’t eat healthy. However, surviving on junk food is nothing close to self-love. It exposes you to health conditions that may hurt your ability to live your life to the fullest. A sure way to love yourself more is to eat healthily. It may cost you more, but you stay healthy and are in a better position to do everything that you love. This is the perfect way to stay happy and show yourself some self-love. The best part is that healthy food is readily available. You just have to sacrifice a little more time and cook. Not too much to ask if it’s a secret to happiness.

3. Exercise more

Exercise is one of the best ways to show yourself some self-love. When you exercise, your brain releases hormones known as endorphins that make you feel happy and relaxed. Endorphins have also been shown to improve the immune system, helping you beat most ailments, without having to rely on medications. Besides, when you exercise, you get stronger and are more capable of achieving more in a day. It is a powerful way to show yourself some love. The best part is that exercise doesn’t have to cost you a dime, since you can do it at home.

4. Listen to motivational speakers

Sometimes what we really need is someone to motivate us, to make us feel like we are not alone. Motivational speakers can help a lot with this one.  Most of them share their stories of struggle and triumph, and it is encouraging. When it comes to motivational speaking, Craig Beck is one of the best. He can help you get over self-doubt, find your calling, and basically, love yourself more. The best part is that this is free. All you need is to spare some time to listen, and creating time for yourself is an essential part of loving yourself.



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