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Whether it’s for business, studies or just pleasure, getting a laptop is very essential. Due to its versatility when it comes to its functions and portability, it has become a preferred device as compared to desktop computers. However, getting “Mr Right” has never been easy, and this applies to your laptop selection too. That is why we have sampled these key things to consider when buying a new laptop.

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The weight should be one major determinant in your selection of a laptop. Of course, if you do a lot of moving around, you don’t want a very heavy machine. However, that comes at a price: light weight devices like ultrabooks and netbooks usually do not offer more advanced users the features they need. For example, these types of laptops do not have large hard drives or DVD players or may only operate online, like the Google Chromebook.

There are other light laptops that offer more than these netbooks. Just consult authorized laptop vendors to advice appropriately.

Battery Capacity

One major factor that influences peopl’e pick of laptops over desktops is its portability. So what is the use of having one if it doesn’t have a good battery. Get a good laptop whose battery can last a minimum of 3 hours under normal usage and 50% brightness.


The more RAM a laptop has, the more tasks it can perform at the same time without freezing. This should be determined by whatever you want to use your laptop for. If you want to use it for basic document organisation, presentations and other “light weight” stuff, getting a device that has at least 4GB RAM is okay for you. If you are a designer or photo/video editor getting a device that has a minimum 8GB RAM is okay. 8GB RAM laptops are also good for games as well.


Aside the RAM, CPUs are also a huge determinant of how well your laptop can perform. No matter what your needs are, you should go for at least the Core i3. There are Core i5, and Core i7 CPUs too. The higher it is, the better your laptop becomes when performing many functions.

Getting a new laptop is not an easy thing to do in the abundance of fake devices on the market. Just make sure you go to a certified shop or try any of these online shops in Ghana.

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