Moving to a new house can be quite the emotional and often stressful time. Moving furniture pieces and other valuables must be done correctly to avoid anything getting damaged or injuring yourself in the process.

Experienced and reliable moving companies do this for a living and are used to packing and moving people’s valuables from one place to another in the shortest possible time and without having to make multiple trips.

People often try to save a few pennies by doing a move themselves but end up causing themselves unnecessary stress instead of putting their trust in the hands of a qualified moving team that has the right workforce and equipment at their disposal.

What Are The Top Advantages Of Using An Expert Removalist For The Job?

  1. Packing

Personal items are packed and unpacked correctly, securely and professionally to minimise possible damages and to ensure they are arriving safely at your new destination.

  1. Code of conduct

The code of conduct as specified by AFRA ensures that a moving company must provide certified documentation such as contracts, quotations, insurance and inventories to fit every client’s needs and making the process of moving a simple and straightforward process.

  1. Facilities

Certified removalists Canberra must operate from approved premises that are compliant with local council regulations that are accessible by the public and suitable for their line of business with well-maintained vehicles and secure storage facilities.

  1. Customer care

An AFRA accredited moving company can provide you with the self-assurance that your belongings are in good hands and that they are equipped to deal with customer queries as they arise.

Why is it advantageous to use a moving company vs. doing it yourself?

People often don’t realise that moving can be strenuous and hard work with a high risk of injury if done incorrectly. Removalists do hundreds of moves every year compared to the average person that may require to move a few times in their lifetimes. Why would you risk hurting your back or causing damages to furniture when you can make use of a company that specialises in dealing with all the factors associated with a big move.

Even when you consider renting a truck for the day and handling the move yourself, you still have to do all the heavy lifting by yourself or hire a few people to assist you. When you think about the cost of a rental truck, the hiring of extra help and the fuel usage, you may end up paying more than anticipated.

Finding the right moving company to do the job

When you are looking to hire a removalist, make sure you pick a few companies to consider, obtain references and compare quotes for a competitive rate. A reliable moving company will send an estimator who will be taking inventory of all your belongings that need to go on the truck. Continue to read the fine print and make sure you’ve carefully studied the agreement before signing any paperwork.

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