Any business with an online presence is aware that organic and local SEO is important in building the foundation for successful online marketing efforts. However getting it right on your on-page SEO requires some skill and patience, in order to achieve the goals that your brand has set out to achieve. Employing the right SEO strategy will put you at a high ranking on serpbook as well as other search engines and this will have a significant effect on the growth and success of your business.  However, the reverse is also true, having a poor SEO strategy will lower your Google ranking, reduce traffic and revenue. To improve your brand’s popularity, here are a few tips to increase your on-page SEO game with website promoter.

Pick the Right Headline

The foundation for the perfect on-page SEO strategy is having a carefully thought-out yet highly engaging headline. There is a lot of content running through your audience’ feed so you have a few seconds to grab their attention through your headline. The aim is to create a title that is clickable and shareable and yet relatable and not at all click bait. A good title tag should give the audience a clear idea of what the content is about. When it comes to SEO, ensure that you include a keyword within the first ten or fifteen words of the headline. This will make you popular on search engines. A comprehensive formula you can use to create great headlines is to keep up with three key features that are, the headline is: engaging, succinct and descriptive.

Use Meta Descriptions on Lead Paragraph

Now that you have come up with the ideal title, the next words or paragraph should provide a comprehensive short introduction that grabs the reader’s full attention. Your lead paragraph should be loaded with Meta descriptions that relay as many details as possible such as the what, who, when, how or whereof the brand message are all done in a tasteful few sentences. As with your title, it’s important to include one or two keywords into your lead paragraph, however, work them into the text naturally. While working on your content it helps to ask yourself what it is that your audience needs or what they would search for in order to find your article and then working your content around answering these questions. If you are a newbie you can use some tools such as free keyword planning tool to help you get the top ranking keywords and phrases for your content.


Use Multimedia

A picture is worth a thousand words and in the digital age, using other media formats aside from text can significantly boost your search engine rankings. Including complimentary videos, images, audio, GIFs, drawings or infographics into your text can help convey your message better. Many people don’t like reading large blocks of texts, and so having a flashy image or video gets their attention and ultimately drives more traffic to your website. When you save an image onto your desktop that you will later post on your site, it’s important to tag the saved file under a name which contains a keyword. This will only work towards putting you at the top of Google search results.

Choose the Right URL

Another simple and quick SEO tip is optimising your URL which refers to the actual link that directs the audience to your site. To improve your SEO skills make sure that you add one or two keywords into your URL link. Try and keep the URL short and engaging.

Concluding tip

You can also consider seeking professional help in optimising your website. A number of good agencies will be glad to assist you, one of such is Quikclicks. All Quikclicks websites are coded using the latest in search engine friendly techniques to ensure your new website takes off on the right foot.
Another important tip I can’t forget in hurry is being able to Keep track of your site’s Search Engine Results Page position with updates as frequent as a dozen times a day, email alerts, and a state of the art keyword rank tracking dashboard.  With SERPStream, your SERP rank tracking is free. Track the position of all your keywords and never pay for it. Is this not cool? Take your link building game to our another level by checking out these 10 building techniques.


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