samsung smartphones

Four new mid-range Samsung smartphones: Galaxy A6+, Galaxy J7 Duo, Galaxy J6 and Galaxy J4, were recently introduced onto the Ghanaian market by Samsung Electronics – at very affordable prices.

samsung smartphones
Some of the features on the devices include the infinity display screen and AMOLED display technology – features which are usually found on flagship Samsung devices, facial recognition, and dual camera amongst others.

What the infinity design on the Galaxy A6+ and J6 devices does is it gives users nearly 15% more display area without increasing the overall size of the device; setting the standard for an unparalleled viewing experience.

All four devices are equipped with Samsung’s Super AMOLED display technology that produces deeper contrasts and delivers vivid viewing experience.

According to Eugene Nahm, Managing Director of Samsung Ghana, “Galaxy A6+, J7 Duo, J6 and J4 are built for today’s millennial. Enjoying the ultimate smartphone experience should be for everyone not a select few and that is why we are excited about these new range of affordable premium smartphones.”

Speaking further concerning the devices, Eugene Nahm revealed that the new mid-range devices also feature dual rear cameras that allow users to capture professional-grade bokeh images and express themselves in a unique manner.

Some highlights of the Galaxy A6+ in relation to hardware features, are its metal unibody and sleek design, which features a 6-inch FHD+ infinity display screen.

samsung smartphonesThe J series smartphones also come in with a premium unibody – with the J6 spotting a 5.6-inch HD+ with infinity display.
All four Samsung smartphones have sleek curves and are ergonomically designed with special attention to elegance, style, and a comfortable grip.

These smartphones come equipped with 2-4GB RAM and 32GB storage internal memory. Also, they boast SD card memory slot that help expand storage capacity up to 256GB. All four devices run on Octa-core processors.

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