As a collector of recipes, I have come across very helpful hacks from various food channels and food forums I normally follow. Come along as I share some of these hacks which will save you much money and prevent some of our frequently purchased food from going bad, especially during the holidays.


First of all, you should never store tomatoes in the fridge unless it is cut in half. Best way to increase the shelf life of tomatoes is to keep them on the counter in a well-ventilated container with the tomatoes turned upside down. Yes, this way it stays fresh for a longer period before going bad. This is because the stalk that continues to process the development of the tomatoes when turned upside down slows the process of ripening thus keeping your tomatoes fresh for a much longer period.


A beautiful fruit and a delicacy for most Ghanaians especially when taken with groundnuts. Apart from taking it as a snack on its own, or as toppings on our oatmeal, it makes a good ingredient for most of our smoothie recipes. Many times, they go bad even before we get to use them. When you buy them very fresh, wrap the stem with a plastic wrap or peel and wrap them individually at the stem. This blocks ethylene gas which continues the ripening process. This hack will help you save up to at least a week. Nevertheless, if you find your bananas already ripen when you bring them home, no need to worry. Peel and cut them into pieces, store in a Ziploc bag. Store them in your freezer for your delicious smoothie recipes!

Salad Mix/Herbs:

You do realise when you bring your herbs (Lettuce, cabbage, spinach etc.) and other green leafy vegetables from the market, they are very fresh but after a few days, turn all slimy and you end up picking out a few and throwing the rest away. Well, worry no more with this hack you are sure to save more money during the holidays. Gather your herbs in a container lined with a paper towel; fold another paper towel or a thin cloth on top of it and close the lid. If your cabbage is quite big, cut into halves before transferring into a container. Store it in your fridge. This locks the moisture and prevents your herbs from going bad for a very long time.

Spring onions:

When it comes to farm produce, one would best prefer to isolate spring onions from exuding its scent amongst all the items in the fridge since it is the best place to store spring onions longer. One best way to prevent this from happening is storing them in airtight containers. From the grocery store/market, simply wash your spring onions thoroughly, separate the bad ones out and drain them so they are almost dry. Chop your spring onions/green onions/ into small pieces, transfer them into airtight containers and keep them in your refrigerator. To want to keep them longer for future use, you can transfer them into a Ziploc bag and throw it into your freezer. This can last you months. However, you would want to make sure to freeze it flat in the Ziploc bag so it is easy to thaw out.

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