Comics are everywhere on the internet these days – almost everybody is creating some comic of some kind. The ones that can make you fall over your seat, the didactic ones, and for on. Wonder how they do them? Quite easy. There are websites around where you can also create your own comics for free. And by websites you know there is no need for software installation.
Regardless of your experience in comics, these sites help you create very nice comic strips. Use any of these four websites to help you create your own comics.

Free websites for creating comic strips

  • ToonDoo

ToonDoo: Here are 4 free websites for creating you own comics
This comic creation site works with the combination of user friendliness and artistic versatility. ToonDoo makes sure your comics look original and sharp.
There is a library of characters and object to use in the making of the comic strips. You are also given tools to make your own styles.
ToonDoo has a couple of tools like TraitR, DoodleR, and ImagineR to make your comic strip a perfect one. TraitR creates custom characters and DoodleR does the painting. ImagineR designs your own photos you add to the comic strip.
You get to save your comic creation anytime so you can get back to it later.

  • Strip Generator

Strip Generator: Here are 4 free websites for creating you own comics
Strip Generator’s characters are quite stoic thus looking more sarcastic already. There is not much here for creating something more personal but it doesn’t mean creativity is reduced.
There is also a personal library on the website for your comic strips and its elements. When you tweak an image to get it just right, you can save it to use again later.
Another unique feature is the adjustable frames. You just drag the cell wall if you need a specific cell to be a bit wider or longer


MakeBeliefsComix: Here are 4 free websites for creating you own comics is an easy comic strip creator. It is easy enough for even kids to use. It has many options as well for adults to help them get their message across. There is a two-, three-, and four-panelled comic strips available with which users can fill with the 25 pre-set characters.
Its pre-set options to choose from though, makes the comic strips look little generic, and also slightly limiting. But that also makes it easy to use.
You can finish your comic strip in about 10 minutes.

Pixton: Here are 4 free websites for creating you own comics
Pixton is for artists, unlike MakeBeliefsComix. You wouldn’t need to build from scratch. This comic strip creation website allows you to do as much customisation as possible.
You can adjust shirt collars, shirt size instead of just changing the colour.
Also, you can click and drag character limbs into new postures, modify the eyes, noses and hairstyles, etc. Another nice thing about Pixton is you can add images from Flickr or Google images.

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