Greek philosopher Aristotle said: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act- it is a habit.” This quote holds good, till date and continues to gain significance in our daily lives.
This is because habits define our character and play a vital role in failure or success. Hence, it is imperative to develop some small daily habits that can have a very positive impact on our career.

Significance of Habits

Every successful person in the world has some habits. Microsoft Founder Bill Gates and Facebook Co-Founder Mark Zuckerberg, for example, read books daily. Airbnb Founder, Brian Chesky tries to find newer hobbies for his spare time.
Habits are extremely successful for a career. This axiom is enshrined in two global bestsellers by American motivational speaker and author, Dr. Stephen R. Covey: ‘Seven Habits of Highly Effective People’ and ‘The Eighth Habit’.
Here we look at some daily habits that can have a big and positive impact on your career.

Daily Habits for Success

A habit can simply be defined as what we repeatedly do. While some habits are innate, others are acquired from learning and seeing the way people around us live. We also imitate some habits.
These small habits are useful whether you are doing a job in a comfort of your home or at the office.

1. Set Daily Goals

Understandably, we all have short, mid and long-term goals. Regardless, it is also vital to set daily goals or what can be better defined as targets. The best way to set a daily goal or target is to summarize your performance of yesterday. Identify areas where you could have performed better and those where your work exceeded expectations of seniors.
Set a daily goal of eliminating or reducing gray patches in your work. Also, find ways and means to improve upon areas where performance is excellent.
Working on these areas daily helps you progress in your chosen field since the quality of work improves by the day, paving way for success.


2. Morning Fitness

Waking up fresh in the morning is the best way to ensure a positive and big impact on your career. However, this is not sufficient. You need extra energy to handle pressures of the day and achieve your targets.
This is best done by engaging in some fitness activities – for at least 30 minutes- every morning. Add a fitness regimen as part of your morning schedule. It helps relieve any hidden stress and prepares you for the day ahead.
Joining a gym for morning workouts may not be possible for many. However, you can easily jog or brisk walk for a few minutes daily. Additionally, there are several videos on YouTube that teach basic home-based exercises, Yoga and breathing techniques that are known to boost energy levels in the morning. All successful people and billionaires of the world engage in some physical fitness activity every morning.

3. Alcohol on Weekdays

Regardless whether you are a social or moderate drinker, it is best to avoid alcohol on weekdays, including Sunday nights. Medical science proves that alcohol consumed in any quantity tends to dull our brains for some time.
Though you may wake up sans a hangover, alcohol metabolites adversely impact levels of mental concentration and physical energy for at least 24 hours.
Sometimes, shunning alcohol becomes difficult because you may have to entertain clients or business associates. In such scenarios, it is best to stick to just a single standard drink that have low alcohol percentage, such as beer or wine. Ensure you have a full meal after a drink to reduce effects of alcohol metabolites and to get that extra energy needed for the next day.

4. Priority Based Schedules

One of the habits mentioned by Dr. Stephen R. Covey that impacts almost everyone is, prioritizing what is important rather than urgent. This is very true for each of us.
Generally, we tend to do things that are seemingly urgent. Yet, such urgent work might not positively impact your productivity or performance. Instead, focus your energies on work that is important.
Prioritizing work based on importance also helps in another manner: it lowers the risk of something important from becoming urgent. This allows will allow you to complete an important task with better efficiency and with ample time, rather than rushing to complete because it is urgent.
You may not be able to put in your best efforts when something important becomes urgent, merely due to time constraints.

In Conclusion

Other than these four small daily habits, you also need to strike an astute work-life balance. Remember, leading a healthy lifestyle and having wholesome relations with friends and family, leisure and entertainment and adequate rest play very important roles in deciding failure or success.
All of us have 24 hours a day. Of these, people spend an average nine to ten hours (including commuting time and meal breaks) on work. Utilize the remaining 14 hours to further your social and family life as well as fitness.
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