Mobile apps, in general, have come a long way over the last decade. Today, Android users have access to perhaps the largest variety of apps on the market. The way apps work nowadays, the features developers can include, and how they can help us achieve tasks or perform activities while on the move is something pre-smartphone no one ever thought possible. It’s not quite the 2015 blockbuster movie Back to the Future III, but apps are a miracle unto their own.
Below, we look at one app niche that has advanced tremendously. We will break down 4 key aspects of the Android betting app niche, which all played a part in the modernisation of mobile betting today as we know it!

Mobile Sports Betting Markets

With the introduction of Android apps, members of online sports betting sites could now place bets via their smartphone or tablet without logging on to their PC.
This was a revolutionary change in the way people place bets online. Simultaneously, online betting was already seen as a ground-breaking advancement in the betting industry because it meant people did not need to go to the bookies. However, telephone betting services existed just before betting markets came online.
However, with mobile sports betting came more competition as online bookmakers offered untapped access to their betting platforms. This created a buyers’ market for sports betting fans. Today, members have multiple options to take advantage of no deposit bonus codes, enhanced odds, guaranteed odds, and deposit match bonuses from a list of licenced bookies approved to offer online bookmarker services in the UK via a UKGC license or to the rest of the world via an MGA license.
Markers today include eSports betting, UK cricket, IPL  cricket, UK premier league, championship football, MLS, NBA, tennis, horse racing, greyhounds, F1, Japanese baseball, and many more!

Live Streaming with In-Play Markets

Android betting apps soon began to include the option to stream sports events live. Built into the stream is in-play betting. In-play is a market that gives members odds on sports events while they are in action. For example, a tennis match could be in motion, and members can bet on who will win the next point or the current game in action.
Players can also bet on how many serve faults, second serves, or double faults in real-time. Sports betting app members can switch quickly to a betting menu, place the bet, and then switch back to the stream to see if their bet pays off!


HTML5 Android Browser Tech

Once mobile sports betting and streaming were possible, next came, the introduction of HTML5 has changed the way Android users access mobile betting. Instead of using a dedicated Android app, members use their web browser, which acts like a sports betting app. It’s quite a simple process and requires no download as all smartphones and tablets come with mobile web browsers already installed.
Members simply browse to the URL of the sports betting website, which is an HTML5 betting interface. The browser auto adapts the content to the screen size and hardware of the device used to connect to the website, and the member receives a version of the betting site that perfectly fits their device. For quick access to the betting site, most Android users simply save the betting site URL as a shortcut on their home screen, effectively making this shortcut the betting app!

Cryptocurrency Evolution

The next big change in the sports betting environment was the introduction of Android crypto wallets. These crypto platforms and wallets now feed online mobile bookmakers their members’ cryptocurrency balances used to bet on sports markets.
There really is not much difference between betting in Sterling or crypto as far as betting the odds are concerned. The same markets are on offer, but the key difference is the bets are made using Bitcoin or other cryptos, and the pay-outs are paid back in the crypto used to make a bet!


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